Creating a New Era of Silvery Industry The 2nd Chinese International Silver Industry Exhibition Opens

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The 2nd Chinese International Silver Industry Exhibition (SIC), co-hosted by China Silver Industry Association, China Poly Group Corporation and Guangdong Committee on Aging, was unveiled at Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou on November 6. The scale of this session reached nearly 20,000 square meters and attracted over 200 exhibitors from the United States, Germany, Holland, Australia, Switzerland, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland to join, among which 40 exhibitors were from abroad. The three-day exhibition was expected to attract over 30,000 visitors to come and make their procurement.

Renowned enterprises including Iris (Japan), Paramount Bed (Japan), UBabycare (Taiwan), NamLiong (Taiwan), Culture Homes (Hong Kong) presented the latest technologies and products on rehabilitation and nursing; intellectual enterprises such as Neusoft Xikang, Dingjian (Hong Kong), Ankangda, Juxi and Xiekang brought us the most popular smart devices designed for senior citizens; Poly Real Estate, Guangdong Guanghong, Taikang Community exhibited their senior care real estate projects; Newpan, V-arc (Australia), Shanghai Shiga Design and Shenzhen Eg-Lighting showed their design program of senior architectures; the exhibition area of household products brought together a number of famous brands like Kohler (the United States), Moen (the United States), Kangai (the United States), TOTO (Japan), Fuji (Japan), Guangdong Yongai, Boloni and Zhuhai Hepin; China Life, Taipei Yangguan, Sodexo (France), Happy Insurance and Yousheng (Hong Kong) also came up with their latest plans on the elderly service solutions.
A Global Focus: To Guide the Future of Chinese Elderly Care

The experiencing area of the elderly service, which covered 1,000 square meters and was equipped with a variety of remote monitoring systems, emergency responders, automatic debug devices and other elderly-friendly products, created a vivid scene of everyday life but with intellectual services all around. Such an immersive construction was to provide visitors with direct experiences of the upcoming reform of future smart life.


Stand in the Spotlight: To Promote Breakthroughs and Innovations in the Industry

The theme of the 2015 SIC Peak Forum, held on the morning of November 6, is The Growing Silver Industry—Breakthrough and Innovation. On the forum, leaders from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Wu Yushao, Deputy Director of the General Office of China National Committee on Ageing and Director of the China Research Center on Aging, Wu Danxing, Member of the Committee of Experts on Elderly Service Industry under Ministry of Civil Affairs, Yang Yansui, Professor from the School of Public Policy& Management of Tsinghua University, and Song Guangju, Head of the Board of Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, made theme speeches on cutting-edge topics such as the development of the silver industry under the “new normal”, the combination of medical and elderly care resources, the social insurance system, the exploration and practices of service modes, etc. Leaders from different sectors in the industry exchanged their views on the future of elderly care in China.


Meanwhile, over 20 professional forums will be held with the exhibition, which will invite no less than 50 leading experts from the silver industry to share their views on senior financial services, design plans, establishment operations, combination of medical and elderly care and even geriatrics; many renowned brands are ready to bring a good deal of elderly care programs to the matching fair and procurement conference, on which they are going to launch their latest industrial strategy and procurement demands.


Wang Jianjun, Party Member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the General Office of China National Committee on Ageing, Deng Haiguang, Vice-governor of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, Chen Chuanshu, Director of the China Silver Industry Association and Zhang Zhengao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the China Poly Group Corporation attended the opening ceremony and gave their addresses and speeches. Song Guangju, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Poly Group Corporation, Party Secretary and Head of the Board of Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd and Hu Zaixin, Deputy General Manager of Poly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd were also present at the opening ceremony.
Han Qing, Director of the Medical and Silver Business Division of Sodexo China (Global 500) said, “This session is almost perfect. We’ve got to meet many elderly care establishments’ operators and ambitious Chinese enterprises, which create more opportunities for future business. The main forum this morning was unbelievable popular and all kinds of macro policies and experts’ opinions unveiled were constructively helpful for our future investment. I am planning to join the next SIC and introduce more experiences on how to run an elderly care business in China.”

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